6 Ways Designers Make Handsome Money Online

Designers Make Handsome Money Online

Today, I will share most easy and famous methods to make money online via designing. I received lots of mails and messages from followers. They asked questions to me about designing how we can earn from designing means best way to make money online. I’m going to share best 6 ways designers make handsome money online.

designers make handsome money online

Ways Designers Make Handsome Money Online

No.1 Make Money From Logo Designing

Logo designer play an important role in the company. Because logo give an attractive look about company and it’s dealing it is identity of the company. One of he best way to earn money and get fame for logo designers is to design a few logos and placed them on online stores for selling. There are such a lot of people out there who’re in need of attractive logos. If they prefer your logo, they’ll contact you for getting and you will end up getting money and some publicity just by designing a logo.

If you really need to make a name in online field then start working creatively along with your designing skills. You can easily earn from teaching logo designing and make paid tutorials for new seekers. Freelancing, Logo Design contests, write articles for other blogs.

No.2 Make Money From Infographics

The design industry has currently grow keen on Infographics. There was a time when just including the words alone in an article title meant the article would be successful. Though such days have passed, everyone knows the value and importance of quality Infographics. Infographics offer loads of useful information in a graphically attractive format which is easy to understand for an average human brain.

If you have attractive designing skills then you can easily make money to sell infographics on different websites.

No.3 Make Money From Selling WordPress Themes/Templates

Well if you are a designer and you aren’t selling issues then you are really missing out on a massive chunk of money. Selling WordPress themes or templates is an outstanding way to make money online. It may be hard or difficult to design a theme upfront. However it brings you continuous earnings for the remainder of your design profession.
So If you’re looking for a place for selling your templates or themes, I’ve worked with some marketplaces i can highly recommend Theme forest and template monster. Selling themes or template is another best way for designers make handsome money online.

No.4 Start and Maintain Your own Blog

One of my personal favorite way of increasing earning is to run a successful blog. Blogging isn’t easy, and if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make money online, so blogging is definitely not for you. But blogging is an exciting way to make extra money for your design business.
Mostly designers have their own personal blog. Web designers can earn a lot through launching their personal blogs or by writing for other blogs. It is rely of time and patience before the world acknowledges you. Read more about make money online ways .


No.5 Design T-Shirts and other Products

There are lots of websites that allow every designers to publish T-Shirt designs and then take a portion of the income from every T-Shirt sale. In case you enjoy clothing design, this may be the source of massive earnings you have been looking for. You can easily earn from art prints, phone cases, tote bags, tapestries and mugs. I have never personally tried this way to make money online you can try society6 is a best one for designers.

No.6 Earn as a Freelancer (Best Way to Make Money Online)

The best way to make money online is freelancing. There are lots of free lancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Guru etc.. Freelancing tradition is spreading fast globally. The field is brimming with job possibilities and there is a piece of pie for every body. From copy writer to graphic designer, web programmer to bookkeeping, technical support to advertising and marketing, every sort of service a business needs is provided by Freelancers.

If you have a designing skills and a creative mind then you can make handsome money as a freelancer. Designers make handsome money online by using freelancing websites. You can easily make a gig on freelancing websites related to your skills and experience.


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